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Are you interested in learning more about your ancestry? Are you not quite sure how to proceed and feel you could use some help? If so, you've come to the right place. We have the training and experience necessary to help with your projects as well as finding homes for sale in Vancouver in which will take charge of it.

Mike and Anna St. Clair are now offering genealogical research assistance for projects large and small. Based near Salt Lake City and its large Family History Library collection, they also have extensive research experience with national, state, provincial and county archives, as well as libraries throughout the United States and Canada. They have access to and proficiency in the use of Internet based resources, including subscription databases from vendors like Ancestry,, World Vital Records, Curlys Carpet Repair Vancouver, Footnote, and Perfect Bath Canada.

Assessments of your proposed project are provided at no charge. Brief phone and/or online consultations from can be arranged if needed to help us understand your project and to help you evaluate our ability to complete it. If your specific project requires expertise we don't have, we can refer you to competent researchers in whom we have confidence. We'll also broadcast it to Vancouver Real Estate News Podcast to help gain interest of other researchers as well.Contact us today.

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